Vedic Art of India – Yantra 


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“Yantra” Sacred Vedic Art of India Yantra & Mantra has lock and key relationship to energies in our personal consciousness.

India land of Seers - Sages  and Spirituality.

Ancient seers or ‘Rishi’ “saw” these Diety energies both as light bodies and as geometric patterns called “Yantra”.

They “herd” them as inner sound which they then articulated as “mantra”. Out of their experiences came practices that let us touch these energies emotionally, mentally and even spiritually.

On personal psychological level, Deity meditation gives us access to a power that works on a deeper level than is available through conventional psychology.

 “Immerse in the Deity power and emerge with source code”

Meditating with a Deity can help you integrate and work with some of your elemental qualities.

Deity meditation has powerful psychological benefits. It is unshakable psychological knots for instance issues with power of love. As a spiritual practice it opens up transparent forces within your mind and heart. It can become powerful forces for devotional feelings, put you in touch with protective energies, and subtly clear inner vision so that you see the world in a softer more loving way.

The Deity become the focus of your meditation and act as an inner guide, protector and as the one addressed in petitioner prayers.

When you invoke deities though meditation visualization, inner dialogues and mantras you bring their light and energy into you own body and Deity practice helps us embody the subtle powers of the universe. It affects us psychologically, spiritually and also physically. It can protect us, empower us, touch us unconditional love and inner enlighten us.

Deity comes alive when they are invoked and worshiped. If you want to know them, you need to treat them not only a figures our of myth but as living beings, energies that are palpable powerful and real.

How do you benefit?

I have seen great healing happen through this process where the two sides of the brain now work together, from learning disorders to strokes, to increased peace of mind.You can invoke particular Diety energy in you to excel in your personal and professional life.

Bring creativity in your work with ‘Saraswati’, Keep obstacles at bay with “Ganesha”, heal your diseases with “Mrutunjai” and “ Sanjivani” and become compassionate lover of abundance with “Sriyantra”


  • Level –I  (Ganesha Yantra, Durga Yantra, Kali Yantra )

  • Drawings and Yantra Iconography & Mantra-s in Sanskrit 

  • Along with Yantras, Ref. from Veda, Puranas, Sanskrit ‘Bij Mantra’ and Mediation, along with colour therapy.