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If an idol or a Yantra is the material (Sthula) form of the Deity, the Mantra is their subtle form (Sukshma-rupa). And, beyond that is the Para, the contemplation, absorption into the very essence of the Deity. And, that leads to the realization of the bliss (Anubhava of Ananda). It is said; when one utters a deity’s Mantra, one is not naming the deity, but is evoking its power as a means to open oneself to it. It is said; mantra gives expression to the identity of the name (abhidana) with the object of contemplation (abhideya). Therefore, some describe mantra as a catalyst that’ allows the potential to become a reality’. It is both the means (upaya) and the end (upeya).

Sri Chakra Raja, is the supreme amongst all the yantra-s  "Om Yantra Rajai Vidmahe, Maha Yantray Dhimahi, Tanno Yantra Prachodayat".  Sri Chakra is full of life and energy and should be worshiped with great reverence. As it’s has 113 god and goddesses in it, and any god or goddess can be worshipped in Sri Chakara. There are four Siva Triangles which are facing upwards and five sakti triangles which apex are facing downwards. In all Sri Chakra has forty-three triangles and the bindu.ŚrīChakra is worshiped as the Mother Herself. In ŚrīVidyā, there is usually no other idol worshiped other than ŚrīChakra. Even if an idol is worshiped, ŚrīChakra is worshiped along with idol. All the upacāras or offerings are done to the ŚrīChakra.