Drawing and Understanding Sri Yantra

Worshiping Sri Yantra/ Meru is a doorway to ‘Kama’-‘Artha’ and ‘Moksha’ prapti.

Surrender yourself to ‘Sri Lalita Tripur Sundari, Raj Rajeswhari and experience the life of abundance’

One full day course: 10am to 6 pm ( 1pm to 2:30pm Lunch Break)

( Yantras and Mantras- are lock and key of sacred formulas to experience various energies, knowing them in detail helps Sadhak to choose the right energy path for his/her sadhana)

Practical and Theory-Iconography of Yantras-Drawing Ganesh Yantra-What is Sri Yantra/Meru and Sri Vidya

Making of Sri Yantra-You can decode and draw any size of Sri Yantra in future

( Sri Yantra/Sri Meru is King of all Yantras, which holds all universe with-in, worshiping Sri yantra one can experience an abundance of earthy world ( Health-Wealth-Fame and Success along with Spiritual Enlightenment)

Understating of Sri Yantra-Know all presiding deities in detail of nine Aavaranas-Characteristics of all these deities-Mantras of all Nine Avarnas.

Bija Akshara-Various Mantras of Sri Vidya-Their meanings-( If you don’t know the meaning of mantras then thousands of mantra-Japa will not yield any fruit for you. It is always better to know your mantras because with those ‘Bija Akshara you are nurturing your own life and Universe )

This program Schedule is only for Sadhak who has a background in Sanskrit, Devnagari Scrip, and Indian.

Program Langauge, English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujrati, and Sanskrit.

Sadhak any age and any gender can attend the program

The program starts only one batch in a month.

Separate staying arrangements for Bhairvas and Yoginis