Kalavahana- Ancient Wisdom from ‘ Tantra’

This puja opens the benefits of Sri Cakra Puja to you. It’s very powerful, secret ancient worship.

 “Nothing exists that isn’t divine.” - Tantra

Tantra dissolves the division of spiritual versus mundane. Every aspect of life is integrated as a tool for spiritual growth. Its practitioners aspire to transcendence in immanence (material existence). But pay attention! This does not mean ordinary indulgence in life. It implies a continuous focus on the divine vision so that life, with all its activities, becomes a launching pad to eternity.

In Tantra, the body is seen as a living temple, the body, with all its energies, is considered a divine instrument for spiritual transformation. We can say that the broad approach of Tantra consists in making all ordinary activities sacred.

Tantra is a practical system, deeply devotional and highly ritualistic. It was designed to help us reach the goal of moksha.

Doing Puja every day connects you to Goddess, solves your life’s problems, and makes you a delightful, wealthy, and excellent all-around person radiating the glory of divine love towards all. Let us make life a joyful, creative, and wealthy celebration.

 In the first part,  your body receives the divine light and supreme  Power of  Goddess Lalita Tripur Sundari. She is Srinagar rasa itself, love of life, enjoyment, and beauty, protecting you from all evil and attracting wealth, health and happiness.

 In the second part, invoking the power of Goddess into a yantra or a person. Witness the powerful ritual on you and energy transformation.

In the third part, you worship Shakti through the Guru mantra, Khadgamala, and Shiva namas.

Who is the divine mother? Why did she create us? What is the real purpose of our life?

Divine Mother is the consciousness present in you, me, and all of us, and everywhere. She is living in you and me.

Make this ritual a  part of your life, experience the abundance, and spread the same.

Let's us now invoke the three celestial lights of Fire, Sun, and Moon into ourselves.